Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hungary for Summer

So I’m sitting here stewing in my first hangover of the summer and thought thats its time I whack up a summer song to celebrate the end of my exams! Yes that’s right folks second year is officially over, well depending on repeats as always.

The first summer lovely that I’m going to review is Wristwatch by the Hungry Kids of Hungary. Hailing from Australia the quartet make the kind of indie pop that is the perfect soundtrack for a few cheeky cans in a field on one of the three sunny days that we get in Ireland, which will probably occur during the Leaving Cert.

The song begins with a bubbly bass line that is burst by a well inserted clap which introduces the songs hyper tempo and immediately has your foot tapping. This repeated riff soon collects energy from swiftly strummed rush of guitars. A series of momentum building pauses introduce the vocals which soon become the heart of the songs pace. They talk of the rushed panic that can be involved in self discovery. They also use a collection of random sounds that focus your attention in amongst the songs hyper energy and inject the personality that their name suggests. The keys add a fun fairground dimension to the song and give it a solid foundation at times. And finally the drums work beautifully in this song by using sharp crashing symbols to punctuate the pauses and they work to keep the song as tight as a ducks arse. I'll have to stop myself now before I analyse the fun out of this gem. At the top is a link to their MySpace I strongly encourage you to start loving them.

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