Monday, May 10, 2010


Well after months of scrupulous planning I have decided that it’s time to take a break from my study that I’m not doing, and make my first post. When I stumbled across a "handsome stranger called death" by FOE on hypem earlier I was immediately hooked. The chilling keys, pulsing bass line and subtle drums all combine with the run along lyrics to create a thick tone of billowing grey cigarette smoke. The lyrics are smooth and have a powerful vulnerability when they talk of the singer’s mortality. The beautiful descriptions of the handsome stranger paint a clear Parisian picture in your mind. To me this song is musical ether; it’s got a grunge pop core with an artistic 1960s blues feel. When I hunted down their MySpace I was a full blown FOE addict.

On their page along with "handsome stranger" is "tyran", a modern grunge gem driven by unforgiving cunt out lyrics, the distorted raw energy from the razor blade guitars and the marching snare accompanied by the crashing symbols. The chilling keys haunt the background yet again with flutters and subtle chords.

And finally there is "Charity Case" a rush of sprinting lyrics twined with a sharp returning guitar riff and an eerie walking keyboard line. The bass is constantly complimenting the song by weakening and strengthening itself at the perfect times.

I really hope these guys get signed because right now I am craving an album!

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